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You will find on this page all the details about our pre-order system.

What is a “pre-order” product?

A product is considered to be a “pre-order” when it has one of the following characteristics:

The product has a release date later in the year.
The product has been released and is in transit to our warehouse in France.
The Product has been released, out of stock but you wish to obtain it. Please read the “Products in Replenishment” part.

What is the waiting time for a “pre-order”?

In order not to disappoint our customers, we avoid accepting pre-orders for products with a release date later than 6 months.

When the product is in transit from Japan to our warehouse in France, the waiting time is estimated at about 12 weeks.
We inform on the product page an approximate month of arrival which is about 16 weeks.

Products in transit reach France within 4 weeks, the remaining waiting time is due to French logistics.
France is the country with the most complaints from Franco-Japanese customers, being the bête noire of the Japanese postal service.

Note that “Magazines” products are an exception, their waiting time is estimated at about 4 weeks.

Combining and storing pre-orders.

Because the wait is long, we have set up a free system of combining and storing pre-orders.
It is strongly recommended that you have a customer account in order to view your orders.

When you place a pre-order, you will receive within 24/48h an unlimited and personal “promo code”, allowing you to combine your pre-order with one or more pre-orders and/or products available h24 at our warehouse in France.

When the “promo code” is used, choose “combined order” and the shipping costs will be offered to you.

We then receive your new order and proceed to store it.
Several weeks after your last combined order, we receive your pre-order at our warehouse and combine all your orders.

If you have not received your coupon code, please contact us as soon as possible.

Placing two pre-orders without using your voucher code to combine these two, will result of two separated shipments.

Shipping surcharge and difference due.

When we offer pre-orders, we estimate the weight of the item. The estimate may lead to a shipping surcharge and a partial refund.

However, it is possible that we find ourselves in a situation where the difference in weight is too great, your final package heavier than initially expected (10kg instead of 2kg).
In this case, we will contact you by e-mail  in order to ask to you to pay for the costs incurred by the weight difference.

Please note that if the difference is less than 5€, we offer you the difference.

Products in Replenishment

Products in Replenishment are products which has been released, out of stock on the website and can be “pre-ordered” once again.

We recommend anyone to contact us before placing an order for a product in replenishment in order to maximise the chances to find the product and avoid any refund.

Within the next three months, if the item cannot be obtained, for any reason, a refund will be made only via an unlimited voucher code.
Please read more about it in the Refund part just below.


As stated in our Terms and Conditions, our refund policy for pre-orders is as follows:

  1. Any customer placing a pre-order accepts the withdrawal of the use of their right of withdrawal.
  2. When the pre-ordered product is delivered to us damaged, is  stolen or lost, a refund is possible.
  3. When the pre-ordered product is a “Product in Replenishment” and cannot be obtained for any reason, a refund will be made via a dedicated voucher code unlimited in time linked to your E-mail address.

Flexibility and trust.

The solutions offered by our company allow our customers to be flexible in their pre-orders and to have a guarantee in case of package loss or extended delays.
Because we cannot deal with unforeseen situations that may cause inconvenience, it is our top priority to always be at your side, from start to finish, even if your order is cancelled, in order to preserve your trust and remain credible.