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End of Vinted

Dear customers,

After two years on Vinted, 3874 subscribers and 2572 positive 5🌟 reviews, the company has decided to permanently block the account.

We knew the risks of going through third-party platforms, Vinted having both the tools for users to engage in ranting, while penalising honest and professional users with new rules, some of them secret.
Sooner or later, such a decision was bound to come crashing down, and so it did.

We would like to thank all our customers who played the game, for trusting us and waiting to receive their parcels. We have made some great friends and will continue to serve you through the site and other third-party platforms by giving our very best.

If you’d like to get back in touch with us as you did on Vinted, just send us a quick message with your Vinted username, and we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

See you soon for new adventures.

The Destockjapan team.

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2023 Programme

Dear customers,

We have some important news to share with you and thank you for taking the time to read the following.

Business trip from January to May 2023

As of January 2023, we will be travelling to Japan for business as part of the evolution of both the shop and our logistics.
This business trip will have a significant impact on order shipments, which will result in the temporary suspension of shipments between January 2023 and the end of April 2023.

We invite all our customers to make their holiday purchases and to take advantage of the “Promotion” category before January 1st 2023.

Pre-orders and benefits are back as never seen before

In order to continue to move forward with you during this period, we are putting in place benefits to reward you for your patience and trust:

  1. All orders made from January 1, 2023 onwards will be considered as a pre-order, giving rise to the already known benefits such as free shipping through the promo code received when pre-ordering.
  2. The 10 kilo limit will be increased to 20 kilos, which will allow you to combine weekly Shonen Jump without paying shipping costs again.
  3. Introduction of an unlimited promo code, valid until mid-April, with a value of -15%.

Notice to Manga collectors

In 2023, we will expand the catalogue of available products concerning limited and collector editions of Manga series. This will also include artbooks.

Between January and April 2023, you will be able to expand your collection easily and at a reduced rate with the January 2023 promo code.
You can also contact us at any time with a precise list of products you are looking for. Indeed, we will need you to answer your requests as well as possible and thus propose new series.

Finally, if you are looking for other products than books, we remain at your disposal at any time.


All the Destockjapan team thanks you for your trust and your patience and wishes you a happy holiday season and a happy new year 2023.

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End of the Year 2022 News and Events on Destockjapan

Dear customers,

The year 2022 has been full of change and adaptation for us.
Through this article, we would like to go back a little bit for the people who are new to us, talk about you and the end of year celebrations.

Destockjapan in 2022

When we launched in 2019, we had a rough idea of the target audience and how to meet their demand.
We are a small company and try to be as flexible as possible towards our customers, whether it is in the choice of products, services offered etc.

Since 2020, we are constantly adapting to the situation in both Europe and Japan.
Overall, the closure of certain services and borders in Japan has had a very negative impact, preventing us for example from improving and optimising our pre-order service.

However, despite our limitations, this has not prevented our customers from trusting us and working with us to find solutions to their needs.

Thank you

Behind Destockjapan, there are humans, not robots or AI to answer your requests.
We could tell you about the lack of respect from some people, mainly minors.
Fortunately, we have nothing to complain about from our customers, so let’s talk about you for a moment.

These are the risks of the job: it rarely happens that a product is damaged, broken or even forgotten when you place an order.
We know that such a situation is unpleasant, so we respond quickly to solve it as efficiently as possible.

Positive or negative, it’s always a pleasure to read your feedback and in fact, we say to you: Thank you.

Thank you for your time and patience, it is easier to write to us when something is wrong than when everything is fine.
It happens that some pre-orders arrive faster than expected, others have a delay that is beyond our control.
We are here to reassure you.

Thank you for your confidence, many of you have chosen us for our expertise, our proximity and our service.

Competitors with very bad reputations are officially working with influencers to promote their services.
We cannot explain how unscrupulous companies can hold their heads high and promote their poor services despite the lack of appreciation from their customers and the negative feedback.

Finally, we know how easy it is to lose credibility, to fall faster than we rise in the esteem of our customers.
That is why we thank you for being by our side, helping us to improve our services and the catalogue of products we offer.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Events at the end of 2022

To begin with, all orders placed before 15 December will be received in time for Christmas.

Then, from this weekend until mid-December, we will be holding a clearance sale on the Vinted platform [We are not available in UK and the USA].
Whether you are already a Vinted member and customer, or you are new to the platform, here is a summary of what is on offer and the advantages of using the platform:

When making a purchase, in addition to the price of the products, the shipping costs are always €2.99.
You can combine several products from the dressing room AND from the website and still benefit from the 2.99€ shipping cost.
There is a 10% discount for 5 or more products purchased, unlike on the shop site.

Concerning the destocking, we will propose you two different types of batches but always on the same series at an advantageous price:

A batch of products at 50€, which will be thought for the small budgets, perfect to make a beautiful gift. These lots can be unique.
A batch of products at 100€, thought for bigger budgets, perfect to mark the occasion. These lots will be unique.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for for the 2022 holiday season.

To conclude

Despite a series of difficult situations over the last two years, you have chosen to support us and to trust us.

We will be back in early December to talk to you about the future of the site and new services which, if you are patient by nature, and your trust in us is unwavering, then you will be rewarded.

We remain at your disposal at all times, before, during and after an order/pre-order.

The entire Destockjapan team thanks you warmly.

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Manga Pre-publication Magazines

Hello everyone,

Following numerous requests concerning the importation of pre-publication manga magazines, a subject that we, Destockjapan, had no knowledge of, we have decided to respond favourably and to start selling these magazines.

Through this article, we would like to inform you in a transparent way about the products in question and the way we deal with them and what this implies for you.

Among the many magazines published, we will talk about Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine in which the biggest manga series such as Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia and One Piece are published.

How Weekly Shonen Jump is made

To begin with, the magazine is made of recycled paper and its quality is mediocre at best because its purpose is simple: to be bought, read and then recycled immediately.
You will understand that the magazines in question are very fragile.

We work directly with the printers and the publisher. Recently, a Youtube video showing the production of the magazines was published by them and we draw your attention to the moment when the magazine is cut and checked.

A set of magazines is cut and then checked by a team. The magazines that are perfectly manufactured are then sent to the different retailers, the others are thrown away, recycled because they do not correspond to the quality criteria.

In any case, a magazine will always come naked, without cellophane or protection.

Between propaganda and reality

When we received the ordered copies, we knew that there was a risk that some copies would be damaged due to the hazards of transport.
In reality, we realised over the weeks that, like all foreign retailers, we were receiving magazines intended for recycling.

In fact, out of 10 magazines received, 2 were damaged during transport and 2 others were damaged during the printing process of the magazine: misplaced glue, drooling ink, 1-2mm cutting error (see video above) etc.
As for the other 6 magazines, the damage is superficial and only concerns the cutting area at the top and bottom of the edge.

Which magazines for our customers?

While this story may not be reassuring for us, it is for you.
First of all, no copy of Weekly Shonen Jump can be in absolutely perfect condition and we make the best copies available to our customers.
This has some impact on our cash flow and morale: we have to order double the number of copies and then pray that we don’t get a bad batch.

If you are a collector and are looking for a product that is free of any damage whatsoever, please contact us before placing your order.

Pre-orders and delivery times.

We are writing this article at the time of the release of Weekly Shonen Jump 18, which is April 4, 2022, and the magazine is expected to arrive on April 7-8, 2022.

When we launch the pre-orders for a magazine, if the date of receipt is not indicated, it is because it is imprecise but expected within 14 days.
A delivery date is only indicated when the expected product is expected much later. The only exception to this is magazines that are published monthly.

When you pre-order, you will receive a coupon code that allows you to combine the product with another order and enjoy free shipping.
The promo code is then deactivated a few days before the products are received, the pre-orders stopped and the shipping slip created beforehand: your ordered products are expected and we are ready to ship them as soon as possible. You will receive Weekly Shonen Jump between April 9th and 17th, the date of reception of your order depends on many parameters but know that we do not waste a second to take care of your orders.

We are a small structure, so we cannot ship large volumes every day. Thank you very much for your patience.


Your Weekly Shonen Jump is then put into a complimentary plastic sleeve, sealed with tape, placed between one or two cardboard boxes and put into a bubble envelope and sent.

We know that 1 in 100 books is damaged during the delivery process. No matter what we do, there will always be a problem with an order sooner or later, always.

We strive to improve every day, with every customer feedback and thank you for your understanding and kindness, it helps us to move forward with you to provide you with the best service.

To conclude

We, Destockjapan, import magazines that are of poor quality because they are designed that way.
We offer our customers magazines in a state that is close to excellence, put in a plastic pouch and sent in a reinforced protection.

We will not hesitate to come back to this subject in order to flesh it out. In the meantime, thank you for your trust, patience and support.

The Destockjapan team.

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Christmas Holidays and Slowdown Shipments


All the Destockjapan team would like to wish you a happy holiday season and a beautiful and happy year 2022.
We sincerely thank you for your trust and patience towards us. We are independent and do our best to provide you with the best possible service on time.

It is time for us to take a break: we shall review the year 2021, keep on improving what works and stop what doesn’t.
but above all, we shall rest in view of the year 2022, which is going to be a busy year for us.

From December 17th until January 4th, International shipping will be made as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention, time and trust.

Take care and see you soon,

The Destockjapan team.

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Since September 1st, 2021, Destockjapan officially starts selling Japanese prepublication magazines.

Because these products are treated in a different way, due to their particular character, we explain you everything you need to know about them.

To sum up

A Japanese pre-publication magazine is a collection of manga chapters, on several different series, which is more or less thick and accompanied with bonuses.
For example, you can find the One Piece series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The publication date

The publication date varies according to the magazine: some are published every month, others every week.
The Weekly Shonen Jump is published every week, so there are more than fifty issues per year.

Printing quality

The printing quality, of the paper, is low in order to reduce the production costs.
The idea is: you read the magazine and then throw it away.

The number of magazines in circulation

The number of magazines published is extremely high. Indeed, each magazine targets a specific audience.

The magazines available on Destockjapan

We are starting to support the following magazines:

  • Weekly Shonen Jump (One Piece)
  • The Ultra Jump (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

This list is of course not exhaustive and we are counting on you to let us the magazines’ names you wish to see online.

Pre-orders and price changes

As a general rule, a Japanese pre-publication magazine is only printed in limited quantities and is no longer available for sale on the day of its release.
Moreover, the content of the magazine is usually known only 24 hours before its release or on the day of its release.

On and after the launch date, the magazine becomes unavailable and the initial price can triple. Depending on demand, online prices may increase.

We recommend you pre-order the magazine 72 hours before its release date. You will receive your copy within 7-14 days after its release.

Older volumes will also be available for pre-order but will go through a different logistics process where you will have to wait several weeks.

The advantage of combinations

However, any pre-order will give you the possibility to receive an unlimited voucher code, allowing you to combine your copies without going through the shipping costs for each volume.

For example, Weekly Shonen Jump 2021, issues 39, 40 and 41 have as a bonus, a poster of an unpublished illustration of One Piece which, when combined, become a giant poster.

If you’re not in a hurry, you can combine the shipping costs for these three or more issues. This is a great advantage.

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You will find on this page all the details about our pre-order system.

What is a “pre-order” product?

A product is considered to be a “pre-order” when it has one of the following characteristics:

The product has a release date later in the year.
The product has been released and is in transit to our warehouse in France.
The Product has been released, out of stock but you wish to obtain it. Please read the “Products in Replenishment” part.

What is the waiting time for a “pre-order”?

In order not to disappoint our customers, we avoid accepting pre-orders for products with a release date later than 6 months.

When the product is in transit from Japan to our warehouse in France, the waiting time is estimated at about 12 weeks.
We inform on the product page an approximate month of arrival which is about 16 weeks.

Products in transit reach France within 4 weeks, the remaining waiting time is due to French logistics.
France is the country with the most complaints from Franco-Japanese customers, being the bête noire of the Japanese postal service.

Note that “Magazines” products are an exception, their waiting time is estimated at about 4 weeks.

Combining and storing pre-orders.

Because the wait is long, we have set up a free system of combining and storing pre-orders.
It is strongly recommended that you have a customer account in order to view your orders.

When you place a pre-order, you will receive within 24/48h an unlimited and personal “promo code”, allowing you to combine your pre-order with one or more pre-orders and/or products available h24 at our warehouse in France.

When the “promo code” is used, choose “combined order” and the shipping costs will be offered to you.

We then receive your new order and proceed to store it.
Several weeks after your last combined order, we receive your pre-order at our warehouse and combine all your orders.

If you have not received your coupon code, please contact us as soon as possible.

Placing two pre-orders without using your voucher code to combine these two, will result of two separated shipments.

Shipping surcharge and difference due.

When we offer pre-orders, we estimate the weight of the item. The estimate may lead to a shipping surcharge and a partial refund.

However, it is possible that we find ourselves in a situation where the difference in weight is too great, your final package heavier than initially expected (10kg instead of 2kg).
In this case, we will contact you by e-mail  in order to ask to you to pay for the costs incurred by the weight difference.

Please note that if the difference is less than 5€, we offer you the difference.

Products in Replenishment

Products in Replenishment are products which has been released, out of stock on the website and can be “pre-ordered” once again.

We recommend anyone to contact us before placing an order for a product in replenishment in order to maximise the chances to find the product and avoid any refund.

Within the next three months, if the item cannot be obtained, for any reason, a refund will be made only via an unlimited voucher code.
Please read more about it in the Refund part just below.


As stated in our Terms and Conditions, our refund policy for pre-orders is as follows:

  1. Any customer placing a pre-order accepts the withdrawal of the use of their right of withdrawal.
  2. When the pre-ordered product is delivered to us damaged, is  stolen or lost, a refund is possible.
  3. When the pre-ordered product is a “Product in Replenishment” and cannot be obtained for any reason, a refund will be made via a dedicated voucher code unlimited in time linked to your E-mail address.

Flexibility and trust.

The solutions offered by our company allow our customers to be flexible in their pre-orders and to have a guarantee in case of package loss or extended delays.
Because we cannot deal with unforeseen situations that may cause inconvenience, it is our top priority to always be at your side, from start to finish, even if your order is cancelled, in order to preserve your trust and remain credible.

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Monthly publications: Jump Ultra Jump Young Animals

Dear customers,

Recently we have been working on the import of monthly magazines and publications such as Jump, Ultra Jump, Young Animals and many others.

We are in discussion with our suppliers and we think we can make a difference in the market of monthly publications, but we need your help.

In order to respond effectively to demand, we need to know two things:
-The names of the magazines you would like to order.
-How often you would like to order, by subscription of 12 issues or specific issues.

Please note that we can only make the difference with pre-ordered issues. Once the pre-orders are over, we cannot get any more copies at the same price.

Please contact us via our contact form or on the networks.

Thank you for your attention and trust.

The Destockjapan team.