JoJo Magazine 2022 Winter Hirohiko Araki Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


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Release date: 2022-12-19

For all those who love “Jojo”.
The second book all about JOJO!


Cover newly drawn by Hirohiko Araki
A collection of all the previous “JoJo” books!


Hirohiko Araki’s new project has begun!
The Manga Art of Hirohiko Araki
A deeper exploration of the “golden path” of manga creation.

Spin-off novel

The King of Infinity Episode 2: Junjo Shindo
The story of Lisa Lisa and her friends as they investigate the secret of the stand’s occurrence, with newly drawn door illustrations.

Witness on the Gang Side” by Keiji Ando
New short story: The story of Tizzano and Squalo.

Special feature

Part 1: “Phantom Blood” and Part 2: “Battle Currents”.
The origin of Jojo is here. In-depth introduction to Parts 1 and 2. Column by rare novelist Kyu Sato.

Hirohiko Araki Original Drawings Exhibition JOJO: Adventures and Ripples
A large volume of records from the Kanazawa exhibition.

Information on the drama “Kishibe Rohan ha Mukonenai” (Rohan Kishibe wa Mukonenai)
The third season is about to air. Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide talk, etc.

Anime ‘Stone Ocean’ information
The final chapter is now being distributed. Behind-the-scenes production stories, etc.


JOJO special sticker set of 2
Metallic stickers with newly drawn illustrations again.

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