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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022. In the midst of a wide range of developments, including anime, TV dramas, and original art exhibitions, “JOJO magazine” will be published, with each volume consisting entirely of “Jojo”!

Hirohiko Araki himself has drawn the cover illustration and new readings. The magazine also includes new novels, a special feature on the latest anime, and an interview with Issei Takahashi, the actor who plays Rohan in the drama series “Kishibe Rohan wa Mokunai”. This is a book for everyone who loves “JoJo”.

  • Cover newly drawn by Hirohiko Araki: Jolyne kujo & Jotaro.
  • Appendix: 2 sets of JOJO special stickers.
  • Kishibe Rohan wa Mukonai Episode #10: Hot Summer Martha.
  • 71 Full colour pages.
  • New novels: A story about Lisa Lisa!: Junjo Shindo “The King of Infinity”.
  • Iggy and Abdul, their encounter: Otsuichi “Iggy the Stray Dog”.
  • Special Feature: A look back at the series so far with cast testimonies
  • Back to JOJO the Animation: Special Talk with the Cast of “Stone Ocean” Ai Fairouz & Daisuke Ono
  • New photos and stories!
  • Takahashi Issei Interview

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