Atelier of Witch Hat 2023 Clear Bookmarks


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Preorder scheduled for February 2024.

The Atelier of Witch Hat is now available in the ®️ series of bookmarks that turn the top of a book into a ____!

When inserted into a book, Coco and the other girls from Keefley’s Atelier seem to be using magic on the book.
Why not put them all together and recreate Keefley’s Atelier?

Designed by Sava Design Harada, who is also well-known for his beautiful book bindings.

This is the product page for ‘Bookmark A for magic on a book’.


Size/115 mm x 40 mm (entire sheet: 148 x 210 mm)

Contents/set of 4 sheets

Material/Recycled PET


Manufacture/Kondo Printing Co.


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Weight 0,090 kg
Dimensions 115 × 40 cm