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Limited Events


We have recently added a new category named “Limited Events” where can be found products sold during limited events in Japan or just limited in stock.

This category’s products are located in our Japanese warehouse or are underway to our French warehouse, thus the waiting time for your order can fluctuate between 2 and 4 months. Every details are written in the item’s page description.

Despite the long waiting time, there are three advantages to this category:

  1. The featured products have a fixed price which will rise when they arrive to our warehouse in France.
  2. If you have placed an order and wish to place another one, no matter if products are available or not in our warehouse in France, please contact us to combine your orders and save on shipping fees.
  3. We can keep your orders in our warehouse until they are complete and for two months for free.

This way, we hope increasing the speed of upcoming new items.

Thank you kindly for your trust and support.

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The Big Update


All the Destockjapan team is gathered to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021.
Despite the challenging year 2020, we all deeply thank you for your patience, your trust, your support and hope to see you again in 2021.
This new year brings a bunch of changes along with new features:

  • The raise of shipping fees.
  • Shipping to the UK is temporarily suspended.
  • Order can be paid with Bank Transfer (highly recommended for EU Citizens) or Stripe. PayPal is no longer accepted.
  • New types of products will be added: B2 Posters, Acrylic Stands, 100cm Wallscroll.
  • New upcoming series: More JoJo’s, More Vocaloid.
  • Doujin for everyone to be back again.
  • Any stock update to be announced in an article.
  • Missing pictures fixed.

Please contact us whether you find a bug, a mistake or look for a specific product.

Please take care and all the best.

The Destockjapan Team.

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Shipping to the UK

Shipping to the UK is now possible thanks to the shipping service Happy-Post.

The shipping price is  15€ but the weight range goes from 100gr to 5000gr and increases by 5€ every 5000gr.

The shipping method includes a tracking number and there are no other secured way to ship small items to the UK at a cheaper cost.

Thank you for your understanding and trust.

All the best.

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[Update 2] Shipping during the 2nd Lockdown in France


Starting from Thursday, tonight, October 29 2020, France will be under lockdown and shall have an impact on your orders. In order to be crystal clear, here is what is going to happen:

  • Any former or new order placed, either on our shop or Discord will be accepted and shipped.
  • Any order shipped through Mondial Relay (national & international) will be shipped as usual.
  • Any order Proxy proxy will be received, kept without any time limitation and shipped.

For any questions, you can directly contact us through Discord, Twitter, Instagram or on the dedicated page.

Thank you so much for your trust, patience and support.

Please take care and we wish you all the best.

The Destockjapan Team.

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What is Destockjapan ?

Destockjapan is an independent online shop selling only Japanese products, any kind of products but mainly focused on Japanese pop culture items (Pokémon, Yo-kai Watch etc).

Where do you ship from and to ?

Since we have to travel to find items, we are shipping from Japan or Europe to the whole world. No matter where we are, the shipping cost are pretty much the same, only the shipping solutions are different. You will know in which country we are located in when placing an order and choosing a shipping method.

What is the payment method ?

To simplify everything, we are only taking PayPal. In case you do not have a PayPal account but a Credit Card, you can still go through PayPal as it will allow you to use your Credit Card on the website with a real secured layer.

Items in my package are broken/missing/wrong. What should I do ?

All products condition are like new. The shop is selling a huge variety of items in big quantities.
If an item was to be damaged, like a folded page, you will be able to choose between condition A or B which differences will be written.

We do not sell broken items. In case you receive one, please contact us as soon as possible.

I am looking for a very specific item, can you help me please ?

Yes we can, please contact us directly and give us as many details as you can so we can be efficient in looking out for the item.


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Where is my order being shipped from ?

Our warehouse is located in France, thus your order will be shipped from France, Europe.

Does my order include a tracking number ?

Your order always include a tracking number which is sent via E-mail.
Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number or need more information

What company is taking care of my order ?

Mondial Relay shipping services will take care of your order.

When is my order being shipped ?

The opening days to ship a package are from Tuesday to Friday.
Your order shall be shipped during this timeframe.

How long until my order is delivered ?

The waiting time depends on the country your order is shipped to.
The average waiting time is as follow:

  • ~24h to pack your order.
  • ~7-14 opening days to travel from one country to another.
  • +28 opening days if held by your country customs but it does not happen everytime.

Are there any extra fees to be expected ?

No matter how much you spent for your order, you should not get any extra fees.
Please contact us if you need more information regarding this matter.