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Preorder scheduled for May 2023. ONLY 3 COPIES AVAILABLE !!

The items indispensable for the “tea party”, a moment of relaxation with the students of the Officers’ School, have been reproduced in production by LUPICIA, the world’s leading tea specialist.
The Fódlan Tea Collection is a set of 30 designed tea bags.

The tea bag packaging has an original design based on the image of the 30 unique characters. Surrounded by gorgeous plants reminiscent of a tea party venue and printed with motifs reminiscent of the characters, the set is not only pleasing to the eye as well as to the taste and aroma.
The tea is in individual tea bags, so it can be brewed easily anytime, anywhere.
Who should you invite to a tea party today… enjoy the variety of flavours from the colourful packaging

Contents – 30 design tea bags
(2 of each) Bergamot tea, Daguza’s Scented Tea, Eastern Scented Tea, Herbal Tea, Ginger Tea, Berry Tea, Four Spice Tea, Mint Tea, Apple Tea, Ceiloth Tea.
(1 of each) Chamomile flower tea, cinnamon tea, crescent tea, rose tea, almond tea, honeyed fruit tea, lavandula tea, southern fruit tea, leicester colitania, saint tea.
Contents 72.5 g (1 x 3 g, 27 x 2.5 g, 2 x 1 g)
Size Outer packaging.
Width approx. 248 mm x length approx. 184 mm x height approx. 94 mm
Ingredients Bergamot tea: black tea/flavourings
Daguza scented tea: black tea, coffee/flavourings
Eastern scented tea: black tea
Herbal teas: vervain, rosemary, eyebright, chamomile, green tea, lavender, meglomitra, blueberry leaf, jasmine flower.
Ginger tea: black tea, ginger
Berry tea: black tea, dried strawberries/flavourings, citric acid.
Four spice tea: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, white pepper and black pepper.
Chamomile flower tea: black tea, chamomile
Cinnamon tea: black tea, cinnamon/flavourings
Mint tea: black tea, peppermint cut
Crescent tea: black tea, vanilla/flavouring
Apple tea: black tea, dried apple/flavourings
Rose tea: black tea, rose red/flavouring
Almond tea: black tea, almond/flavouring
Ceilos tea: black tea
Honeyed fruit tea: black tea, marigold/flavourings
Lavandra tea: black tea, lavender
Southern fruit and nut tea: black tea, blue mallow, safflower, marigold/flavourings
Leicester Colitania: black tea.
Teas of the saints: late fermented teas.
Shelf life July 2023.

Notes *Some of the teas included in this set are not original blends exclusive to this product.
Jasmine flowers are used to transfer the fragrance to the tea and are removed after production.
Please consume as soon as possible to preserve the flavour of the tea.
Due to limited production quantities, we may stop accepting orders once the planned quantity has been reached, even during the pre-order period.


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