Blue Period Special Box Artbook


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Preorder scheduled for February 2023.

A collection of tweets, bookstore special offers, four book-length panels, Ryuji Ayukawa’s Instagram and more.
In addition to a gorgeous collection of sketchbook-style illustrations
four newly written character purikura, large palette-style postcards, a
hand cream, and a brush-shaped ballpoint pen in an oil painting wooden box-style box.
This is a special fun box like an art materials set.

Illustrations and cartoons published on Twitter.
Illustrations and cartoons published on Twitter.
Illustrations of character settings.
5-page “After the examination”.
3 newly written illustrations.
24 illustrations for anime announcements.
New Year’s card for 2022
Animation countdown illustrations
Bookstore bonus & special edition illustrations
Four panels under the cover of the book.
Magazine cut-outs

Four newly written character pre-colours.

Hachitora x Ryuji x Mori-senpai
Hachitora x Setasuke
Hachitora x Kuwana x Hashida
Hachitora, Junta, Koigakubo and Utajima

Hand cream in the shape of paint

Palette-shaped large postcards

Brush-shaped ballpoint pens

Oil paints – Wooden art box-style box

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