Proxy has a limited products choice and we know you have been looking for products which are not listed such as figurines, video games, books and many other kind of products.

To answer you wishes, we are going to look for the Japanese products you need.

How to proceed ?

  1. Write at home a list of products you are looking for.
  2. Go to the page Contact and send us an E-mail with your list.
  3. We shall get back to you via E-mail to give you more information about your list.

Easy and efficient, there are some important conditions.


  1. Own a PayPal account.
  2. We will ask you to send us 30% of the total amount of your order under 24h through PayPal.
    Once items are received, we shall contact you again to finalize your order.
  3. No return possible.


  1. You are looking for 10 N64 video games and 10 One Piece figurines.
  2. You contact us through the page Contact and send us your list.
  3. We shall look for the products based on your list. Once found, we shall contact you.
  4. After several E-mails, the total amount without shipping is 100€, we send you a PayPal bill corresponding to 30% of the total amount of your order to pay in 24h.
  5. We order and receive the products, send you a picture and take care of shipping everything.
  6. You choose the shipping method based on the weight we gave you by E-mail.
  7. We send you one last bill to pay the last 70% + Shipping fees.
  8. We ship your order within 48h.


We thank you for your trust and will update the page if needed.