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Order at Nintendo Tokyo update December

update 19/12/10:
As we are writing this message, the Nintendo Tokyo is 75% out of stock, meaning we won’t be able to complete your orders in time for Xmas, we are deeply sorry.
However, you can order products we already have purchased at this address, or simply place a pre-order for any products with the 0€ price displayed so we can complete your order as soon as possible after December after we contacted you.

Thank you a lot for your understanding and support.


Nintendo has recently opened their first physical shop in Shibuya named “Nintendo TOKYO” in Japan where can be found more than 1000 official limited products about the Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Splatoon and Kirby series, such as Plushes, T-shirts, bags, pins, stickers, accessories.
The shop is filled with a huge variety of products but all have a high quality manufacturing process.

Every Thursday, is going to the Nintendo TOKYO in order to get your orders, and this is not easy:

  • Waiting time estimated between 2 and 4h before having access to the shop.
  • Products are limited in quantity and per customers.
  • Pictures are forbidden.

Knowing this, everytime we are going to the Nintendo TOKYO to take your orders, we are doing our best to take a few pictures, upgrade products page and add new products.

The more you will be to place an order for the Nintendo TOKYO, the more we will be able to go there and improve the website catalogue of available items.

How to place an order for the Nintendo TOKYO?

to place an order for the Nintendo TOKYO:

  • Own a Credit Card AND/OR own a PayPal account.
  • Read the item description and the price displayed at the end.
  • Add to your basket the products you wish.
  • Select the shipping method “Nintendo Tokyo”.
  • Place your order.
  • We shall get back to you to let you know what to do next.

How are orders processed?

  • We are going to the Nintendo TOKYO every Thursday. We can also go there on Friday.
  • You have until Tuesday midnight and one (Paris Time) every week to place your order.
  • We advise you to place an order during the week-end to make sure your order will be processed in time.
  • You have forgotten a specific item during your order? No worries we shall pick it up next week.
  • You wish to place several orders and save on shipping ? No worries we can keep your order for about 3 weeks maximum.
  • In case an item is missing, we shall contact you for a refund OR a new items to purchase next week.

Simple, effective, do not wait to place your order, first arrived first served.

Thank you very much for your trust and support.

The team

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